Gold Teeth - Top Row

Gold Teeth - Top Row

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Your own personal grill handcrafted and tailored to a custom fit, just for you. Each tooth individually detailed and high polished. Made in 10K - 22K in the color of your choice.

The order includes a mold kit, custom gold teeth, and the cost of shipping for both.

If you would like Open Face and/or Diamond Cut designs, please a note at checkout.

If you would like Rose Gold please purchase either Yellow or White and leave a note at checkout.

If you would like other designs not listed please email us

Booking an appointment with your dentist to get a dental impression made is highly recommended for the best fitting of the custom teeth. We will provide a mold kit with instructions if you are not able to make an appointment. No refunds will be given on completed grillz or if we have not received a good mold within 60 days of transaction. You are responsible for a good mold, if you do not make a good mold the grillz will not fit properly.